Himalaya Livs online grocery store, mission is to simplify the process of bringing Asian food products to your door steps in Sweden at most competitive price.
It is one of the oldest Indian Shops in Stockholm. We have fresh Vegetables which come every-week.
Variety of Rices ,Chapati powder ,Pickels, fruits and vegetables and all other daily needs.
Our Store is 21 years old in stockholm. If you ‘ll give yourself to cook Indian food, and want a quite dinner themed around the Indian.
Then you should usefully head to Valhallavagen and locate our store. Located just a minute from the East Station .
Here you will find recipes for Indian food and an abundance of spices , lentils and beans.
There are also a lot of canned food which can be advantageously used to create many small dishes.
The knowledgeable and domestic staff responds accustomed to your questions about the specialties and the
” must-haves ” in an Indian dinner table.
Our main goal is to continuously delivering the quality of the products, increasing the variety of product with good customer service.